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Throwback Thursday: Drake Redefines 'Started From the Bottom'

Drake is bragging about how much he has to brag about in his just-dropped song "All Me." (Incidentally, "All Me" is not actually a solo affair; the Toronto rapper makes room for Big Sean and 2 Chainz on the track, which is free for the downloading via Drizzy's October's Very Own blog.)


"I don't even know how much I made, I forgot. It's a lot," the Toronto boy rhymes at one point.

In that case, Aubrey, this Throwback Thursday is going out to you -- since you could apparently use some assistance reminiscing. 

No, no -- no need to divulge any further nasty details about sleeping with your old baby-sitter. 

(We heard enough about that on "All Me," thanks.)

Instead, let's go way back to January 2009 -- only a month before Drake's So Far Gone mixtape arrived, a record that burned through 2,000 downloads in its first two hours online, contained breakout hit "Best I Ever Had" and began Drake's ascent to bona fide pop star.

Drake, literally "starting from the bottom" in an episode of Being Erica.

That month, Drake turned up -- however briefly -- on an episode of Being Erica, "What I Am is What I Am." 

He's said before how he "started from the bottom," and while his cushy Forest Hill roots have occasionally made the claim dubious, Drake's Being Erica ep brings new meaning to the phrase. 

Dude gets buried alive in his most memorable scene. (The show always had a sci-fi bent, but nothing too crazy really happens; it's all part of a university hazing ritual, one Erica relives during a blast to the past.)

Watch the episode below:

For more Being Erica, you can watch the vintage series on the CBC player.

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