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Throwback Thursday: David Suzuki on Scary Science

Tonight on CBC (September 20), David Suzuki will introduce a new season of The Nature of Things for the 34th time. 34 years of hosting the same show is a remarkable feat, but The Nature of Things is in fact entering its 53rd year on CBC Television. It all started on November 6, 1960 and has since become one of the most beloved television shows in the country, exploring environmental issues and the effects that humans have on them.

David Suzuki took over the reigns from Donald Ivey in 1979, winning three Gemini Awards along the way. He was still a familiar face on CBC before his #TNOT hosting duties though, and in 1970 - 42 years ago - David spoke to CBC about some scary scientific mishaps that could possibly shape the future. Since then, David's been awarded 26 honorary degrees from universities around the world and is one of the most trusted environmental activists around. Check out what he had to say:

The Nature of Things airs on Thursday nights at 8pm on CBC Television



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