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Throwback Thursday: Cartooning with Joni Mitchell and Adrienne Clarkson


Joni Mitchell will be honoured at Toronto's Luminato Festival this month, and for the event - Joni: A Portrait in Song - the singer-songwriter herself will be making a rare, live appearance.

Tuesday, though, she'll make another, similarly unusual outing, appearing on CBC's Q.

The hour-long conversation will be broadcast on the show June 11 at 10 a.m. and 10 p.m. (10:30 NT) on CBC Radio One then later on CBC Radio 2's Drive at 6 p.m. (6:30 NT) - and can be found in full online at once it's aired.

Q host Jian Ghomeshi travelled to Los Angeles to speak with the Canadian legend in her home. "It was a special occasion to be invited into her home to have a conversation that lasted almost three hours and touched on her creativity, her art as a language, bing misunderstood, her opinions and her legacy," he said in a statement.

But Mitchell's appearance on Q is just one of many conversations she's had with the CBC. In the archives, you can find her chatting with everyone from Peter Gzowski (please see this chat on Sunday Morning from 1983) to Vicki Gabereau (check out this interview from 1994).

On this Throwback Thursday, though, we'll take you back to almost the beginning, when Mitchell appeared on the May 1, 1967 edition of Take 30.

"You're just starting out, aren't you?" host Paul Soles asks Mitchell as she joins Soles and co-host Adrienne Clarkson on set.

Not quite, Mitchell responds. "But I consider that I've only started in the last year, because I've only felt that I've begun to have my own way to go, my own songs, my own guitar style, and I'm starting to get my own vocal styling now."

From there, the trio chat about the moment Mitchell realized she could make it as an artist ("You don't bomb anymore") to how her Canadian roots influence her music. And, in a CBC moment that was usually reserved for Mr. Dressup, they play a drawing game that's a favourite among Mitchell and her pals.

Watch the video:

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