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The Week in Celebrity Tweets

As another week goes by, another one billion tweets are sent out (that's right - one billion tweets). With so many users it's easy to miss out on some of the goings on, which is where CBC Live comes in. Every week we like to round up our favourite CBC related tweets and 140-character gems from CBC personalities. Check them out below:

The Peter Mansfridge. I smell a new product for the CBC Shop!

Searching for Toto can be dirty work, huh Daryn?

Shooting Season One of Cracked continues in Toronto, and you get the sense it's one big family.

Speaking of family - George Stroumboulopoulos shared this photo New York City (see if you can find the legendary Bowery Ballroom) and name dropped his sister...

As the Games wind down in London, there's always time for ice cream.

Murdoch Mysteries hosted a fan day over the weekend. Fans big and small (!) got to meet their favourite stars on set.

What do you do after over two weeks of hard broadcasting in a foreign country? You have a drink. Or two.

We don't really know what's going on in this photo from 22 Minutes' Mark Critch, but it's very cool.


Back with the cast of Cracked, Luisa D'Oliveira headed to the shooting rage for some training from Calum de Hartog. He's the former Toronto cop who inspired CBC's newest police drama.


In Winnipeg, CBC's Sook-Yin Lee (among others) is shooting Smilin' Jack: The Jack Layton Story for CBC. She's playing Olivia Chow, who told this photojournalist that it's "eerie".


Also in London, CBC's Scott Russell decided to toast the end of the Games with his team.


But the sporting events were still going on here in Toronto, as Novak Djokovic won the Rogers Cup. Zaib Shaikh was there to see it. Don't miss the women's final tonight (August 13) at 6.30pm (ET)

And a happy APFBDJMD day to you too, Mamma Yamma!

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