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The Week in Celebrity Tweets

Every week here at CBC Live we like to round up our favourite tweets from or featuring the stars of CBC that you might have missed. What do the stars of 22 Minutes get up to when they're not shooting their show? What's going on down on the set of some of CBC's dramas like Arctic Air and Cracked? Check out this week's favourites below to find out:

Johnny Reardon posted this photo from the set of season two of Arctic Air. Nobody seems to have pointed out that Pascale Hutton forgot to shower...

Meanwhile on the set of Cracked, Stefanie von Pfetten is getting to know guest star Carlo Rota.

The stars of CBC aren't just gearing up for their shows returning this fall, some will also be releasing anticipated books.

Look out for Heather Hiscox's story about nail painting from the British capital on The National.

Despite it being the height of summer, George Stroumboulopoulos just needs to get out onto the ice. And who's he with? Oh, just Joey Vendetta and David Boreanaz. No big deal. We spoke to Boreanaz about his love for the Philadelphia Flyers.


While celebrating Jamaica's 50th anniversary of independence down at the Harbourfront in Toronto, Anne-Marie Mediwake and Dwight Drummond got caught in quite the downpour...


It's hard work, but someone's got to do it. Scott Russell's taking a nap on public transport in between broadcasts...

...while Heather Hiscox gets to meet some of Canada's best swimmers.

If you're not following the stars of Cracked, get to it. They do love to tweet from the set.

While visiting home in Newfoundland, Tom Harrington found the time to visit Allan Hawco and co. on the set of Doyle.

And fellow Newfoundlander Shaun Majumder has been teasing his Burlington Gathering coming up later this month.

We're staying in Newfoundland with Mark Critch and the Canadian screen legend Gordon Pinsent.

Finally, having only been broadcasting in New York for a few weeks, Jian Ghomeshi and the Q team are getting high praise already...

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