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The Week in Celebrity Tweets

A bundle of CBC stars are tweeting up a frenzy every day, but there are some we'd love to see that don't (yet?) tweet. For example, Stuart McLean. Last week, we saw a parody account - @HulkStuMcLean - come to the fore, and we love it. Unsurprisingly, he plays a part in our favourite tweets of the week. Once again, we'll visit the set of some of your favourite CBC shows like Mr. D and The Big Decision, while our first tweet of the week comes from the set of the new crime drama, Cracked:


 On the set of CBC's new crime drama Cracked there already seems to be quite the friendly atmosphere among the stars.

CBC Arts' Eli Glasner is one of just a handful of very lucky people that have been able to share the silver screen with Mamma Yamma. Check her out sharing the screen with a multitude of awesome Canadian musicians.


 Arlene Dickinson (and Jim Treliving) have been jetting around the country shooting the new season of The Big Decision, and it doesn't get much better than the view you can see above.


 We're still rather enamoured with this photo of Mr. D's Lauren Hammersley, but we'll admit to loving the rain boot look...

Is @HulkStuMcLean the best thing on Twitter right now?

Steve Patterson, host of CBC Radio's The Debaters has been in Montreal for the Just For Laughs festival. He took part in Saturday night's Gala, hosted by who? The Muppets! By all accounts, it was a wondrous evening.

Mark Critch - of 22 Minutes fame - has also been in Montreal for the festival, and he too got to meet the Muppets. He snapped a photo.

For all the Canadian expats in New York, you can now listen to Jian Ghomeshi and Q on your radio. Samantha Bee is certainly excited about it...

Comedy superstar Russell Peters was in Halifax shooting a guest spot on Mr. D last week.

And some of the show's stars headed out to the city's Pride parade over the weekend, like Naomi Snieckus. She went with her dog Rufus, who we know well...

Republic of Doyle's Allan Hawco celebrated his birthday this weekend, and a friend of his sent him some on set shots from 2007's Closing the Ring - where he starred alongside Neve Campbell and Christopher Plummer. He was nice enough to share them with us on Twitter.

To finish, one more on set photo from Halifax and the Mr. D crew. They need to stop having so much fun and do some work.


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