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The Week in Celebrity Tweets

What's Twitter for? To share. To connect. To inform. To make people green with envy. All of these things, and more. Some of your favourite CBC stars are very into Twitter and some of them - like Rick Mercer, George Stroumboulopoulos and Jian Ghomeshi - have hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of followers. Every week, we like to round up some of our favourite tweets of the past week that you may have missed. Most come from CBC stars, while some come from celebrities the world over if they're chatting CBC, like Deadmau5, below:

Toronto's Joel Zimmerman - Deadmau5 - headed into Studio Q with Jian Ghomeshi, and he certainly seemed to enjoy the experience. The whole uncut interview can be listened to in the link he provided.

CBC Toronto was overrun with kids last week for Kids' CBC Days. Metro Morning's Matt Galloway is looking forward to the next step in Peter Mansbridge's career...

Gerry Dee and his cast popped across the border for a Mr. D field trip. Business or pleasure? We're not sure - you'll have to watch Season 2 of the show when it hits your screen this winter.


Arlene Dickinson's shooting schedule for the second season of The Big Decision will take her to some interesting places...

Jian, why are you terrified of the Doodlebops? They were one of the biggest attractions at Kids' CBC Days, as radio compadre Craig Norris points out...

See? Harmless!

From the tweets coming in already, it would seem that there's quite the family atmosphere on the set of one of CBC's newest shows, Cracked.

If you want to hear from one of your CBC favourites, George is one of the easiest to connect with. He's always a-tweeting, and clearly never has time to wash his windshield.

I have every confidence that a yam can fly a plane.


Quite the catch, Mr. Mercer. And you can check her out in the oven, too.


We're back to the set of Cracked with Dayo Ade. Does anyone remember the old wooden clapperboards? No?


It really is quite the magnificent country, Canada. Star of Murdoch Mysteries Georgina Reilly was there over the weekend, and snapped this on her way home.

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