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The Top 22 Minutes Sketches of 2012

It's been a big year for the cast and crew of 22 Minutes. As you can see from our video above speaking to some of the cast, from the past and present day, one of Canada's favourite comedy shows turned twenty years old. Along the way, there have been some hilarious moments that will be hard to forget. Below, we've rounded up the top ten sketches of this year, 2012. You'll see Critch, Jones, Kent, Majumder, Walsh and many more, like the first guest host of this twentieth season, PK Subban. Check them out below:

10 - Shatner's Tips for Trudeau (and the ensuing speech...):

9 - Marg Warrior Princess vs. the RCMP:

8 - Iran Embassy Closure:

7 - Robbie Boo Boo:

6 - Rush Hall of Fame:

5 - Storage Wars in Afghanistan:

4 - Don Cherry's Lockout Rant:

3 - Tim Hortons Extra Extra Large:

2 - iPad Mini:

1 - Tim Hortons Cup Sizes:



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