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The Stars of Cracked Hit Cannes for MIPCOM


Stefanie von Pfetten signs autographs on the Cannes MIPCOM red carpet // Photo: © MIPMarkets / YouTube

The MIPCOM festival is held once a year in Cannes, France. It's where TV stars and executives of today - and the future - go to showcase what they have to offer in the entertainment world. Cast and crew from some of the most highly anticipated television shows from the world over head to the sunshine of the south of France to promote their work. This year Stefanie von Pfetten, David Sutcliffe and the team behind CBC's new drama Cracked were there. Cracked, coming in January 2013, sees Sutcliffe play Aidan Black, an "unstable" police detective that partners with von Pfetten's Dr. Daniella Ridley - a forensic psychiatrist - in the Psych Crimes and Crisis Unit. They're charged with investigating the most baffling and psychologically complex crimes in and around Toronto.

We got in touch with David and Stefanie and managed to snag a very quick word to find out how things were going. Here's what they had to say:

What have you been up to in Cannes?

David Sutcliffe: I've been along the Croisette trying to get the beautiful French women to notice me.

Stefanie von Pfetten: I have been promoting the show as part of the MIPCOM Focus on Canada. Unfortunately, I've been eating a lot of croissants! I've also done some shopping and got the chance to visit the booth of our international distributor Beta Film where I played table soccer, had gummy bears, and got to make use of my German.

How has it been going?

David: With the women? Not very well honestly. With the festival? Great.

Stefanie: Everything has been really positive. I have been having a great time at MIPCOM and I've gotten to do a few events with Amber from CBC's Heartland, which has been fun.

What's the reaction to Cracked been like?

David: There is a genuine excitement about Cracked at MIPCOM. International buyers are intrigued by the unique concept. It's something different than the usual procedural, and they're struck by the look and feel of the show.

Stefanie: People seem very interested in the show. There has been a positive feeling with everyone I have met.

Check out some of the tweets coming from the French Riviera:



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