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The Murdoch Insider: How The Cast (Literally) Keeps it Cool

Turn of the century fashion wasn't made for Toronto heatwaves. That includes the swimwear. Helene Joy on the seaside set of Murdoch Mysteries. --Instagram (CBCMurdoch)

My dad is Yannick Bisson, and as the daughter of a Canadian actor I've grown up on sets, watching him perform a variety of film and TV roles. Of all dad's characters, though, none is as beloved as Murdoch Mysteries' Detective Murdoch. 

For the past few months I've been working as a Talent Assistant at CBC, and I've had the opportunity to meet some of my dad's loyal Murdoch fans. They always have lots of great questions about the series, which inspired me to do my own investigating. 

I asked fans to tweet me the things they've always wanted to know about the show, because I've got the answers that only a Murdoch Insider can provide. And each week, I'll be answering a new question on CBC Live -- packed with Murdoch Insider intel and photos from the set. 



As many Murdoch fans know, the show films over the summer months in Toronto. The cast has to wear wool suits, usually outdoors, for 12 hours a day, in 30+ degree weather. 

It can get a little toasty.

When asked Debra's Twitter question, Yannick Bisson (Murdoch) and Jonny Harris (Crabtree) simply laughed. "There's no really great way to deal with it," Yannick explained. "Unfortunately, you can't make clothes thinner. A wool suit, is a wool suit, is a wool suit." 

Added Jonny: "I sweat, basically. Not a lot of options.
"Ontario gets so hot. As a Newfoundlander I'm not used to that," he chuckled, but he soldiers through every heatwave. "I have a rule where I won't accept one of those little fans, if anyone ever sees me with one of those, kill me."

No word whether their co-star, Georgina Reilly, is cool with accepting a fan. But then, she has her own strategy for beating the heat. "I drink so much water! And stay in the shade. I also make sure to remove my corset at lunch time to have a breather."

There's a better way to stay chill on the Murdoch set, though. 

We're having a heatwave, an old-timey heatwave... Thomas Craig and Jonny Harris on location. --Instagram (CBCMurdoch)

For an upcoming seaside episode, the production went on location. When it got too hot, the cast and crew took a dunk in the lake between takes.

More mysteries should unfold on the beach.

Murdoch Mysteries airs Mondays on CBC at 8 p.m. (8:30 NT).

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