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The 'Many, Many' Times Strombo's Interviewed Martin Short

Sunday night, George Stroumboulopoulos debuted his new "summer vacation" talk show on CNN. Obviously, the host looked familiar. The same goes for the set, actually. (There's just something about those red chairs...) And you could even say the same about the guests, or at least one visiting celeb in particular, Martin Short.

As soon as the SCTV alum had settled in, Strombo told the crowd how Short was the first star to call dibs on an appearance.

"Well, because I know. I've been on George's show many, many times. He's one of the greatest interviewers you can have!" said Short.

No contest.

Because while these two have never gabbed at length about Short's new memoir (their topic of conversation Sunday night), Short's right. He's appeared on Strombo's show, in its various iterations, many, many times.

As such, check out a few of the CBC-based highlights:

Martin Short vs. George Stroumboulopoulos: A "Host Off"

Martin Short on Creating Ed Grimley

Martin Short on Living Through Tragedy

Martin Short, the Full Canadian Screen Awards Interview

Martin Short and George Stroumboulopoulos's Take on Bing and Bowie's "Little Drummer Boy"

Despite its Sunday night premiere, Stroumboulopoulos will air Fridays at 11 p.m. ET on CNN throughout the summer.

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