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The Hot List: Adam Beach's Bobby Martin


We are nearing the end of Arctic Air's second season, and handsome hot shot Bobby Martin (played by Adam Beach) has got us hooked. Whether he's rescuing people from forest fires or sealing new business deals for his maverick airline, Bobby keeps us glued to the TV week after week. So, we've attempted to sum up why we just can't get enough of this fly boy from the North.

We love Bobby because...

1. He's a serious smarty-pants: Not only is he a venture capitalist with an MBA, he's also a licensed pilot.  And that has him soaring high above the rest with his brainy abilities.

2. He's lucky with the ladies: No surprise that women north of 60 can't resist his boyish charm - neither can we!  This playboy has confidence, style, and an infectious smile that makes us swoon.  He's also lucky in love.  Bobby FINALLY won over his life-long crush, Krista Ivarson (played by Pascale Hutton), after more than a season of romantic angst. Check out the final moments of Season 2's episode 4.  Let's hope these two lovebirds make it last!


3. He speaks the Dene language fluently:  Who doesn't want to be bilingual?!

4. He's resourceful:  This man is a true MacGyver of the North.  Check out Season 1's episode 6 where he mends his plane's damaged landing gear with a pair of tree branches.  And that's WITHOUT using any duct tape, chewing gum or shoe laces.  

5. He's an eternal optimist:  The glass is half full for Bobby and he picks himself up whenever he falls.  This guy is tenacious to the core and won't give up on what he believes in, whether that's Arctic Air, his family or friends.  And he also has a huge heart! 

6. He throws a great right hook:  Although Bobby is the calm, sensitive type, he can dish out the punches when he has to.  And no one knows that more than sleazy business mogul Ronnie Dearman (played by Brian Markinson), who took one in the kisser after taunting Bobby one-too-many times.  See the action for yourself in the pilot episode.   

7. He's a hero:  Need someone to negotiate with hijackers?  Or how about land a plane on a lake during a medical crisis?  Somebody needs saving from a hit-man?  Forget the Mounties - Bobby's your man.  He raises the bar on bravery in the North, saving the day every time.  

8. Those dimples.  


Really, now what's not to love about this guy?!

You can catch Bobby on Arctic Air, Wednesdays at 9 p.m. (9:30 NT).

Or watch the entire series from the very beginning online now. 

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