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VIDEO: The Genies Swag Bags

As a child, my favourite moment of a friend's birthday party was when it ended. It wasn't that I didn't love the ill-conceived, tooth cracking coin cake or the pinata that wouldn't break, but because at the very end, every crusty-nosed attendee received a goodie bag.

At the 'I Dream of Genie' press preview on Tuesday, I was privy to the contents of the 32nd Annual Genie Awards 'Swag Bags'. For those of you that aren't familiar with the term 'swag', it essentially means 'free promotional gifts' (or 'mega cool' if you acknowledge the way that Beliebers uses it on twitter). In other words, swag bags are luxurious goodie bags for celebrities.

As the Genies come to a close on Thursday evening, every star in attendance will go home with one of these swag bags, filled with gifts donated by outstanding sponsors and we got our Genies Pre-show hosts, Sheila McCarthy and Deb McGrath to give us a look at what is inside.  For more details on the swag and sponsoring companies, check out our write-up below the video.

Swag bag.JPG

The Genie Chocolate and Other Gourmet Products from Purdy's Chocolates

Every celeb will be heading home with a mouth watering array of Purdy's Chocolates, including the custom created, Genie Chocolate. Created by Purdy's Head Chocolatier, Gary Mitchell, who flew in from Vancouver just to showcase this genie-us creation, the chocolate covered truffle is filled with brie cheese, fig, lemon, basil, and vodka. Yeah, you read that right, BRIE CHEESE.

Check out their website: and follow them on Twitter @purdyschocolates

Chocolate display.JPG

The Noble Glass Travel Thermos and 'Oh Canada' Rooibos Tea from DAVIDs TEA

The bamboo lidded, double-paned Noble Glass Travel Thermos is one of DAVIDs TEA's most beautifully designed products. With Noble's double pane allowing for your hands to remain free of excessive heat, this is one product the stars will be caught with by the paparazzi. DAVIDs TEA has also included their anti-oxidant rich and patriotic, Oh Canada Rooibos Tea, which will keep the stars looking young and proud of being a Canuck.

Check out their website: and follow them on Twitter @DAVIDsTEA

Davids Tea.JPG

A Line of Care Products from Aveda

Looking your best at all times is merely one aspect of being a celebrity and, thanks to Aveda, these stars are being well taken care of.  For the women's swag bag, Aveda has included hair products such as their high-end, Shampure shampoo,conditioner and soy wax candle, as well as their Control Force Firm Hold Hairspray.  The gal's will also enjoy Aveda's exclusive "Genie Essence" courtesy of Civello, Pure-fume Spirit Spray. For the gentlemen, they have included their Aveda Men Pure-formance shampoo, conditioner and shave cream.   Each swag bag also includes their Blue Oil Balancing Concentrate to help the stars unwind after their long night of Genies festivities. 

Check out their website and follow them on Twitter @AVEDA


A Pair of Stylish Moccasins from Manitobah Mukluks

Want to know what is the hottest new trend in the celebrity fashion world is?  Manitobah Mukluks! This Canadian company's aboriginal footwear have been worn by the likes of Kate Moss, Megan Fox and Jessica Biel, just to name a few.  Now their beautiful moccasin line will be worn by every star of the Genies as well.  In the gent's swag bags, they have included their Red River Moccasin, an Ojibwa inspired slipper made with real sheep skin and rabbit fur.  The ladies get to leave with their Traveller Moccasin, a Slavey inspired slipper which is made with suede and rabbits fur.  Both of these products will have every star in attendance counting their lucky...stars! 

Check out their website and follow them on Twitter @Manitobah


Leather Bags from Ecco

My childhood goodie bag might have been made from low grade plastic that was covered with creepy clowns, but, thanks to Ecco, the celebs star bags are made from the water resistant, buffalo patterned, synthetic leather.  Each of the women will be headed home with Ecco Nuuk Shopper Handbag, while the men will leave with their uber cool, authentic leather made, Ecco Business Laptop Bag.

Check out their website and follow them on Twitter @ECCOshoes


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