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Movember GIFs! The Evolution of Two 'Staches

For the past few years now at CBC Radio 3, a band of merry men have come together to raise money and help "change the face of men's health" by taking part in Movember. This year, the CBC Radio 3 team of Mo-Bros raised a positively marvellous amount of $7,842 in total to help support prostate cancer and male mental health initiatives, beating last year's total in the process.

Two of those men, host Craig Norris and producer Pedro Mendes, frequently came to visit us over the past month so we could track their progress. Take a look at the results and find out what they had to say about their efforts below:

Craig Norris:


"I simply don't look good with a moustache. Much like I simply don't look good in a cowboy hat. People
donated to my campaign, I think, because they were empathizing with me. Well, at least sympathizing."

Pedro Mendes:


"Despite all the anti-moustache hate in our society, people sincerely wanted me to keep mine.
Are middle-class white people finally starting to embrace moustaches again?"

Pedro, we love your Errol Flynn look. And Craig, nice haircut halfway through the month...

Congratulations to all who raised so much money, not just for Team CBC Radio 3, but across Canada and indeed the globe. A globe that is a lot less fuzzy today.

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