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The Best Celebrity Run Sites and Blogs

You know her as Motive's Angie Flynn or The Killing's Gwen Eaton - or maybe even "Invisigoth" from The X Files if your incredible recall of '90s TV characters is a paranormal phenomenon in its own right. But Toronto actress Kristin Lehman wants to be more than one of the most familiar faces on TV. While taking a red seat on George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight (Lehman's interview airs today at 7 p.m. ET) she revealed plans to start an online community, one that will champion Canadian arts and culture. Called, Lehman plans to debut the site in April.

A project like is unique among Canadian stars, but there are as many celebrities-turned-media-moguls as there are superstar fragrances and/or clothing lines.

Want to see what we mean? Check out 8 of our favourite examples.


Gwyneth Paltrow - GOOP

Do like Gwyneth does.

Make what Gwyneth makes.

Get what Gwyneth gets.

Follow GOOP, the Oscar-winner's monthly newsletter turned empire, and the Gwyneth Paltrow lifestyle can be yours.

(You'll also have to banish carbs and dairy and your good credit rating to achieve said lifestyle, but whatevs. GOOPiness is godliness.)

We kid, of course - like everyone else who's been snarking on GOOP since it launched in 2008. (The brand, by the way, is so named because "G" and "P" are the actress' initials; GAAP just doesn't have the same ring to it.)

Nearly five years later and you'd think the world would have finally signed up for Gwynnie's patented, $425 Haterade cleanse and flushed every last punchline from their system, but instead, her ever-earnest how-tos are a gift that keep on giving LOLs, with a light sprinkling of insight and chia seeds. For "elimination diet" recipes, travel guides of the Hamptons, and exclusive gifts like $750 gold wingtips, GOOP is the destination.

Motto: "Nourish the inner aspect."


Zooey Deschanel - Hello Giggles

The New Girl star launched the site with TV producer Sophia Rossi (The Hills) and former Gawker personality Molly McAleer in 2011. Their mission: to be "the ultimate entertainment destination for smart, independent and creative females." Fair enough, especially if you're a lady interested in twee crafting tips, celebrity crushes, ice cream and videos of adorable woodland creatures. The Daily Beast once once described Hello Giggles as "Huffington Post for tweens," but it's also the Zooey Deschanel brand brought to life, all sugar and spice and trademarked "adorkable" humour, no matter your age.

Unofficial motto: No "Boys Club content" allowed.


Jay-Z - Life + Times

Think of it as Jay-Z's very own personal Pinterest page - albeit one managed by an army of bloggers, writers who feature the best new music, fashion, design, gadgets and whatever else enters the world of Shawn Carter. (OK, OK...Hova posts from time to time, too. Watch for blog entries and personal photos.) And launched in spring 2011, Life + Times is definitely the most visually inviting spot to, say, get breaking news on Jay-Z's upcoming tour with Justin Timberlake or hear the exclusive premiere of a Beyonce song.

Motto: "Just a bit of inspiration."


Arlene Dickinson -

If Arlene Dickinson isn't in the Dragons' Den, look for the CBC star and Venture Communications boss at, an online community for entrepreneurs that Dickinson debuted in late 2012. Featuring blogs and video content from business experts - Dickinson included - the site is a hub of information and discussion, and as Dickinson told the Financial Post in October 2012, its focus is on the "lifestyle" of running a business. "All of the business magazines and TV shows speak to the business side of being an entrepreneur, but nobody speaks about the lifestyle," she told FP. "I am a marketer, so I wanted to create a lifestyle brand around this."

Motto: "Helping entrepreneurs share, connect and grow."


Joseph Gordon-Levitt - hitRECord

You'll find videos featuring the Inception star on hitRECord, sure, but the site isn't some fanpage repository for JGL's latest celebrity vlogs and Instagram photos. Rather, Gordon-Levitt founded the site in 2010 as an "open-collaborative production company." Say what? Visit hitRECord, and you can make art with thousands of people around the world -- a certain star of The Dark Knight Rises included. Create films, songs, books, you name it. Users can upload video, audio, images and text and contribute to works already posted to the site, all in the spirit of stitching together a collaborative finished product. Or for an even simpler explanation, just refer to this tagline on the hitRECord homepage: "This website is where we make things together."

Motto: "Wanna work with us?"


Lady Gaga -

Lady Gaga was already lording over Facebook and Twitter when her very own social media platform,, opened to the public in July 2012. Developed by Backplane, a tech company co-founded by Gaga's manager, Troy Carter, the site was launched as a sort of next-level fansite, a safe haven for fans, or titular "Little Monsters," to connect in between posting Gaga-centric content. If Reddit users were only interested in Lady Gaga, this would be their world. Gaga herself uses the platform to communicate with users, too, broadcasting morsels of info about upcoming projects, causes celebres, etc.

Motto: "Share your passion and creativity in a community full of art, acceptance, monsters and Gaga."


Amy Poehler - Smart Girls at the Party

We're still waiting for a Smart Girls at the Party post wherein founder Amy Poehler interviews her Parks & Recreation alter-ego and bona fide "Smart Girl" Leslie Knope. Until then, this site -- created by Poehler, producer Meredith Walker and musician Amy Miles -- features articles and web series that strive to inspire young women to care, and be caring, about the world around them. Regular features include "Ask Amy," a video series where Poehler takes questions on everything from body image to making friends, and "Smart Girls at the Party," which interviews girls of all ages about their interests. They might be into writing novels or politics; if the series has a unifying theme, it's that every episode wraps with a dance party.

Motto: "Change the world by being yourself!"


Will Ferrell and Adam McKay - Funny or Die

Anyone can upload a video to Funny or Die. Whether you can bring the LOLz like Jim Carrey or Zach Galifianakis - or even Patrick Stewart and Selena Gomez - is up to a vote. Democracy is a beautiful thing, and for the creators of Funny or Die it's been lucrative too. Since Anchorman's Will Ferrell and Adam McKay debuted Funny or Die, the site has spawned an entire network of "Or Die" sites, a UK spinoff, a comedy tour and an iPad magazine (The Occasional). It's also, of course, given the world the precious gift of laughter, dating back to premiere video "The Landlord" -- an Interweb classic that's No. 1 in the site's "Hall of Fame."

Motto: "Funny or die."

Kristin Lehman appears on Wednesday's episode of George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight, 7 p.m. ET on CBC.

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