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Test Your Basic Instincts: Play CBC Books' Atwood or Hollywood Quiz

Is it a or b? Test your knowledge of Margaret Atwood - and schlocky movie thrillers - with CBC Books quiz "Atwood or Hollywood." -- Getty Images

There are operas and librettos inspired by Margaret Atwood's novels. There's even a ballet, adapted from The Handmaid's Tale, set to premiere during The Royal Winnipeg Ballet's 2013-'14 season. And the acclaimed author's work inspires the occasional movie - and CBC TV movie - too.

Not nearly as many as you'd think, though - a point CBC Books posits in their latest #Canlit Quiz, "Atwood or Hollywood?"

Read the dust jacket of an Atwood classic, and you could mistake it for a schlocky movie thriller.

Granted, Single White Female and Basic Instinct don't involve postmodern explorations of Canadian identity - or maybe we just missed some particularly subtle Susanna Moodie references - but Atwood's plots are as sensationally twisted as anything from Hollywood.

Can you tell the difference between Atwood and a Hollywood thriller?

Take the quiz at CBC Books.

As for the author herself, she probably won't be going Hollywood this summer despite CBC Books' suggestion. She will, however, be going to sea.

On August 15, Atwood will redefine the meaning of book launch by debuting new novel MaddAddam on a transatlantic cruise. The novelist, and fans with $1,399 for ticket fare, will travel from New York City to Southampton, England on the Queen Mary 2. According to the L.A. Times, Atwood will participate in a fan Q&A during the week-long journey. Attendees: consider sharing your CBC Books quiz score with her then.

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