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Take a 22 Minutes Star Home!

Raj Binder's not an athlete, though he's interviewed them on TV.

For reference, please see 22 Minutes video featuring Gordie Howe:

The Winnipeg Jets:

Also: Raj Binder is not a pop star, despite his dreams of Juno gold. (Or crystal. Or whatever those things are made of.)

But Raj Binder, like so many athletes and pop stars and the occasional corporate client before him, has his own bobblehead doll, which can now be treasured by fans.

Preferably in bulk quantities.

-- is where you'll find the bobblehead on sale for $19.86. (Majumder being the 22 Minutes comedian behind the sweat and glasses.)

"I think those Chinese children did a nice job on the detail, although I have to say Raj could be a little more shiney [sic]," the comedian wrote on his Tumblr blog. "Nothin a little Glycerin and Water can't fix (Secret ingredients to the actual Raj Sweat used on the show)."

And his reasons for immortalizing his most famous character in plastic and springs stretches beyond mere commerce, and the quintessential human desire to see oneself as a weak-necked action figure.

Proceeds from the bobblehead's sales will go towards BSM Manor (formerly known as the Burlington Community Business Initiative), a non-profit that supports new entrepreneurs from Majumder's rural Newfoundland home county.

When not, say, playing Raj Binder on CBC's This Hour Has 22 Minutes, Majumder is championing the fledgling tourist industry on Newfoundland's Baie Verte Peninsula.

He himself is building an eco-friendly, boutique lodge. (The project's progress is documented on his reality series, Majumder Manor.)

And the area -- which he calls "one of the most amazing places on earth" is seeing an uptick in businesses meant to attract travellers.

According to Majumder's website, the non-profit has received applications from entrepreneurs looking to bring kayak tours, quad/snowmobiling treks and other projects to the region.

But a Binder bobblehead will do more good than merely fundraising for this Newfoundland organization near and dear to the star.

The doll's mere existence is an act of charity...towards toy-kind. The George Stroumboulopoulos bobblehead has been so lonely in the CBC Shop all these years, just waiting for another friend to interview.


For more on the Raj Binder bobblehead visit Shaun Majumder's online store. You can watch episodes of the recently wrapped 20th season of 22 Minutes at - and if you ever attend a taping of the Halifax-based sketch show, be sure to bring your bobblehead with you. Maybe the real "Raj" will sign one for you.

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