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Get the Heartland Look

As the season finale of Heartland approaches this Sunday at 7pm, we thought we'd bring back a favorite from the fall - how to get the Heartland Look... 

Our debut "Inspired By..." features Heartland - and this one is for the ladies. With its floral prints, fitted yet comfortable denim, and relaxed, easygoing button-ups, the style on Heartland is pure country (with a side order of funk.) While our femme protagonist Amy Fleming (Amber Marshall) likes mixing plaid with light wash denim that has a lived-in look, her on-screen sister Lou Fleming (Michelle Morgan) dresses in a slightly more sophisticated manner, gravitating towards flirty blouses and fitted, curvaceous jeans. Mallory Wells (Jessica Amlee) plays the troublemaker we sometimes love to hate, but her style is still non-fussy and fashion forward. With this eclectic mix of styles, there's something for everyone on Heartland, and today we are bringing you a mix of high and low pieces that best emulate the overall feel of this Rockies show.

Whether you live in St. John's or Montreal, you can bring a Heartland vibe into your own wardrobe, and update your country style pieces with new trends emerging this fall. The options are endless; pair your business casual outfit with a fringe bag, mix your well-loved plaid or gingham with a trendy colour-block pant, or tuck a peasant top into high-waist trousers and keep warm with a Navajo print shawl. And if you're more of a high fashion gal, adding chic pieces such as fringed heel booties in an on-season colour or a statement designer messenger bag are just a couple ways to way to work the warm Heartland look into any wardrobe.

And remember: you don't have to ride horses to dress like a cowgirl, so even if your look is closer to urban than soft and sweet, don't be afraid to don a pair of moccasins, mix them with brightly coloured denim and an edgy bomber jacket and hit the town.


1. Tiffany horseshoe necklace, sterling silver. $210.00

2. American Eagle skinny jeans, bright medium. $29.50.

3. 'Hackney' Belt by Alkemie, Anthropologie, $278.00.

4.Aldo Blacklog Bag in Ice, $45.00.

5. Brian Atwood 'Pembra' suede ankle boots, $517.88.

6. 'Misaki' necklace by Marion Vidal, Anthropologie. $298.

7. Phoenix Rising top, Anthropologie. $39.95.

8. Schuler & Sons' Natrix bootie, Anthropologie, $178.00.

9. Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, $234.00.

10. Forever 21 Belt, $7.80.

11. Old Navy Floral top, $34.94.

12. Forever 21 Plaid shirt, $23.90.

13. Old Navy denim Jacket, $29.50.

14. J. Crew 'Perfect' shirt in gingham, $86.00.

- Cora Nijhawan



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