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Style Inspiration: The Women of Murdoch Mysteries

Murdoch Mysteries is famous for its clever crime-solving and sumptuous settings; but we also love it for the amazing Victorian outfits worn by the cast. With Victoriana and Steampunk style having a resurgence in pop culture, Dr. Julia Ogden (Hélène Joy) and Dr. Emily Grace (Georgina Reilly) look more chic than ever. Even though the days of corsets and full-length dresses are far behind us, we can still take some great inspiration from their feminine, classic looks.


Murdoch Style Tips

  • Cold Shoulder: Don't be afraid to rock an embellished shoulder; look for tops and dresses with epaulettes or small shoulder pads.

  • A Real Gem: Look for outfit pieces in rich jewel tones, like burgundy and plum. Keep the rest of your look simple with neutrals.

  • A Man's World: Find ways to toughen up these ultra-feminine looks with small homages to menswear, like structured blazers, collared shirts, and neckties.

  • It's a Cinch: Instead of stuffing yourself into an old-school corset, wear high-waisted skirts with wide belts to make your waist look as tiny as possible.

Whether you're off to the office or out for the night, these outfits inspired by the women of Murdoch Mysteries will give your look a unique Victorian twist.

Dr. Julia Ogden


Dr. Ogden loves darker shades like blue and black, so use those colours in combination for your outfit.


         Product Information: Shirt, Skirt, Belt, Ring, Boots, Bag

Rock a cute bow around your neck instead of an actual men's tie, to avoid looking too Avril-Lavigne-circa-Sk8r-Boi. A high-neck white collared blouse will keep the look modest, so don't be afraid to show some leg on the bottom! A high-waisted skirt with some volume, cinched in with a thick Steampunk-style belt, will draw attention to your waist, and away from any problem areas below. Lace-up boots are both functional and Victorian-esque, and give a masculine edge to the outfit. Don't forget to throw on some cameo jewelry, and a super-cute leather bag!

Emily Grace


Emily tends to be a bit more whimsical and feminine than Dr. Odgen, wearing more vibrant colours and patterns.


      Product Information: Shirt, Skirt, Necklace, Shoes, Bag

Chose a floral-print top with short sleeves, and a silky ruby-toned skirt with some length in the back to emulate Emily's look. A pair of chunky lace-up heels and a studded bag give edge to the outfit. Throw on a key necklace to complete the look - late-Victorian women used to flaunt their independence by wearing the key to their flat around their necks, signifying their ability to earn money and own property.

We hope to see you rocking the Murdoch look soon!

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