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Style Inspiration: The Women of Arctic Air

We love Arctic Air for lots of reasons, but one of our favourite aspects of the show is their portrayal of strong, capable female characters who manage to kick butt while looking hot on a regular basis. So how do Krista Ivarson (Pascale Hutton) and Astrid Poulsen (Emilie Ullerup) manage to rock outfits that are both fully functional and fashionable in the far north?


Arctic Air Style Tips

  • Red-Nosed Reindeer: Northern winters are nothing to joke about; make your outfit stylish, but be sure it's going to serve its true function and keep you toasty.

  • Let It Snow: Don't let the snow and ice get you down; hats and hoods make a great addition to any winter outfit. If you absolutely must rock a fur-lined hood, make sure it's faux.

  • Silver Bells: Brighten up an otherwise dreary winters' day (or outfit!) with bright metallic jewelry and accessories.

  • Frosty the Snowman: Because your look is likely going to be bulky on top, pair it with a skinny jean or legging - then you won't look like Frosty!

Home by the fire or out to a holiday party, these outfits inspired by the women of Arctic Air will keep you cute and comfortable all season long.

Krista Ivarson


Described as "[s]moking hot in a careless, workboots-and-baggy-sweatshirt sort of way," Krista keeps her look comfy chic, using lots of neutrals.


         Product Information: Jacket, Shirt, Jeans, Bag, Sunglasses, Boots

A great bomber jacket is essential for any pilot, and you can combine it with a swingy top. If you're going to be traveling as much as Krista does (and around the holidays, who doesn't?) keep your essentials in an easy-to-manage overnight bag - then you won't pack any more than you absolutely need. Lace-up boots are on-trend this season, and are super functional for trudging through snow and slush. Don't forget to throw on some effortlessly-cool aviators to keep the reflected glare off the snow out of your eyes!

Astrid Poulsen


Astrid freshens up her cold-weather wardrobe with pops of bright colour and quirky patterns.


      Product Information: Jacket, Necklace, Hat, Leggings, T-Shirt, Sweater

First, choose a statement jacket that's flashy, formfitting, and functional. Astrid loves to layer, so throw on a sweater over a tank or tee, and consider adding a cute cardigan. Find a fun pair of patterned leggings to match your coat, and top off your look with a knit beanie. Show off your love of nature with a great statement necklace, like this owl chain!

We hope to see you rocking the Arctic look soon!

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