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Style Inspiration: Game of Thrones and Toronto WMC Fashion Week

Winter, not spring, is coming to George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight. That's because Game of Thrones actress Rose Leslie will be appearing on Tuesday's episode to talk up the HBO series' Season 3 premiere (March 31). Leslie plays Ygritte on Game of Thrones, a fiery Wildling scout who lives North of The Wall.

-- HBO

For the uninitiated, Ygritte's 'hood is a little like Edmonton in January if you took away the mini malls and subdivisions, so let's just say she could survive a Canadian winter without the wonder of central heating.

Consider that, and it's no wonder Canadian designers' fall 2013 collections look a little like something that came from the land of the "Free Folk."

-- HBO, CBC Live

We've collected runway photos from the recently wrapped WMC Toronto Fashion Week. In a few months, expect everyone you know to be dressing like Wildlings.

-- Getty Images

Voluminous fur cloaks and vests, like these items from Travis Taddeo's fall 2013 collection, are the de facto uniform for Ygritte and the rest of Mance Rayder's crew. If item No. 6 seems out of place, unisex dressing is pretty much the norm North of the Wall. Ygritte is a free woman, and free to dress as she pleases.

-- Getty Images

These plush cowls from the DUY fall 2013 collection would be a sweet upgrade from Ygritte's usual, wind-worn hood. Does No. 3 have a zipper, though? Unless she's planning to snuggle Jon Snow 24/7, she'll die of exposure.

-- Getty Images

Furry details? Check. Cloaks? Check. These looks from the Pink Tartan fall 2013 collection might suit a Wildling like Ygritte, but they're way too light weight. Maybe something to pack on that spring holiday to King's Landing?

-- Getty Images

For the vegan Wildling, consider a warm and wooly scarf or cloak like these from Laura Siegel's fall 2013 collection.

-- Getty Images

These cloaks from the Sid Neigum fall 2013 collection look roomy enough for some spare pelts and/or weapons. Those samurai-inspired pony-tails should probably be left on the runway, though. Wear one and you'd be a moving target for the men of the Night's Watch.

-- Getty Images

The rough-hewn look of these Rudsak fall 2013 pieces could have come out of Ygritte's closet - or tundra burrow, or wherever Wildlings stash their junk. As for those leather mini-skirts, maybe not the best thing to wear while out on a scouting expedition, but they're handy should you encounter a member of the Night's Watch. Anything to help him renounce his vows...

Rose Leslie appears on George Stroumboulopolous Tonight Tuesday, March 26 at 7 and 11:30 p.m. ET.

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