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Strombo to Take Part in Jason Reitman's Live Read of American Beauty


George Stroumboulopoulos will take on the role of Jim, originated by Scott Bakula, seen here with Annette Benning.
George is even wearing the same colour of shirt in preparation

Jason Reitman - the Oscar nominated Canadian director - has been generating quite the buzz in and around Hollywood for his live-read performances of classic movies. It all started last October with The Breakfast Club and he has since reimagined the likes of Reservoir Dogs, The Princess Bride and The Big Lebowski. Some of the stars that have taken part include Steve Carell, Jennifer Garner, Paul Rudd, Mindy Kaling, Laurence Fishburne and Seth Rogen.

"Where I can I see them?!" I hear you cry... well, you can't, I'm afraid. They happen only once, and only the members of the audience get to witness the magic.

But now, Reitman and friends are bringing the Live Read to Toronto. To TIFF, to be precise - tomorrow (September 6) at the Ryerson Theatre. And who will be joining the long list of stars that have taken part? Well, our very own George Stroumboulopoulos, among others. Centring on Lester Burnham's mid-life crisis of mega proportions, they'll be reimagining the Oscar winning American Beauty. Alongside Strombo you can expect to see Bryan Cranston, Christina Hendricks, Sarah Gadon and Paul Scheer, who's stepping in for Woody Harrelson who, unfortunately, had to drop out.

Tickets? They're available at but get there quick. They're guaranteed to be in very high demand.

Check out the full cast - as announced by Reitman on Twitter - below:

And finally, Reitman has revealed that Bryan Cranston will take on the role of Lester Burnham (originated by Kevin Spacey), while Christina Hendricks will play his wife, Carolyn (originated by Annette Benning).


(Clockwise from top left) Adam Driver, Sarah Gadon, Mae Whitman, Nick Kroll,
George Stroumboulopoulos, Christina Hendricks, Bryan Cranston and Paul Scheer



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