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Strombo, Kevin Zegers and Laurence Fishburne Talk Dystopic Future and Fame at The Colony's Toronto Premiere

He's shared the screen with Blake Lively, Miley Cyrus... Air Bud.

But April 8 on CBC Kevin Zegers will be on TV with George Stroumboulopoulos. The Toronto boy you know as Gossip Girl's Damian is a special guest on George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight next week.

George Stroumboulopoulos and Kevin Zegers at the April 3 taping of George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight. --Getty Images

Some people already had a sneak peek of that Zegers/Strombo interview -- some people besides the crowd who attended Zegers's GST taping, that is. Because Wednesday night at Toronto's Scotiabank Theatre, Strombo hosted a Q&A with the 28-year-old star, live from the premiere of his new sci-fi/horror flick, The Colony.

Also starring Laurence Fishburne (the Matrix actor was on hand for the Q&A, too), The Colony takes us into the next Ice Age. Change is good; climate change, not so much. And the world has transformed into permanent tundra, as played by a CGI-enhanced North Bay, Ontario.

Earth's last survivors - scrappers including Zegers, Fishburne, co-stars Bill Paxton and Charlotte Sullivan - have built "colonies" under the snow. But when our heroes receive a distress signal from a neighbouring camp, it's clear that there's trouble in Dystopia.

Cannibal trouble.

Let's just say if you see any "red seats" in this movie, they've been stained with the blood of the innocent.

Kevin Zegers and Laurence Fishburne get the hell out of North Bay in a scene from The Colony. --eOne

"I love movies like this," Fishburne told Strombo and the Toronto crowd after the screening. "End of the world movies, the world has gone crazy and nobody knows who's in charge. I love that.

"Why?" asked Strombo.

"Because the world has gone crazy and nobody knows who's in charge."

"For these apocalyptic or dystopian movies to work, they have to be about something," Stroumboulopoulos said during the post-premiere Q&A, talking with Zegers, Fishburne and director Jeff Renfroe. "What is the message here, if there is one?"

For Renfroe, he says The Colony is "a cautionary tale," and that warning has two chapters, he explained. Message No. 1: "be careful who you become." (Please see: Army of feral cannibals.) Message No. 2: "Let's be kind to Mother Nature, 'cause she might kick your ass!"

Zegers, who plays The Colony's idealistic hero Sam, has a different perspective. "It's a movie about people," he told Strombo on stage. "You want to care if Fish [Fishburne] dies or I die. Some of these movies you watch and you can't wait for people to start getting whacked out!"

And old-fashioned human connection was apparently a big takeaway for Zegers while making the film. He had plenty of family in the house Wednesday night, Tweeting pictures of his parents at the premiere:

He also revealed his engagement to talent agent Jaime Field while doing the red carpet, Tweeting the news:

And during the Q&A, Zegers gushed about one of his newest friends, whom he bonded with on set: Fishburne.

"You don't always stay in touch with people, but I hear from this guy all the time," Zegers said on stage. "Laurence is not, like, dishing out acting tips. For me it's more like, 'How do you deal with this life?'"

"Yeah, this is a crazy life," Fishburne interjected.

(The veteran actor will appear in Superman reboot Man of Steel this summer, and stars in new shot-in-Toronto series Hannibal. Zegers, for his part, has a summer blockbuster on deck, This Mortal Instruments: City of Bones - which was also, incidentally, shot in Toronto.)

"And so Laurence, for me, the relationship I have with him now is..."

"I love you too, Kevin," goofed Fishburne.

The Colony arrives in theatres April 26.

Watch Kevin Zegers on George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight April 8 - and in this trailer for The Colony, posted below:

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