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Stefano Faita and Christine Tizzard Reveal Their 'Recipe to Riches'


Christine Tizzard and Stefano Faita share their kitchen secrets with Canadians every weekday on CBC. (Some might say Tizzard's tips are even the "Best Recipes Ever.") But what about the rest of us? 

Somewhere out there, someone is making a dinner the whole country is hungry for - and we don't even know it yet. And if you have the recipe, your chance to share it with Canada is coming this summer.

Reality show Recipe to Riches will debut on CBC in Winter 2014, but casting for the program's celebrity cooks to-be begins June 22 in Calgary

The audition tour wraps July 13 in Toronto after hitting Montreal (June 26), (Update) Charlottetown Moncton (June 29) and Vancouver (July 6). And if you and your recipe book are interested in trying out, here's the run down on the show: each episode, chefs will compete to have their favourite concoctions turned into President's Choice products. (There's also a $25,000 weekly prize thrown in with the bragging rights.) At the end of the season, after a battle royale, one ultimate chef is awarded $250,000 and declared Recipe to Riches' winner. (The losers, presumably, binge eat frozen lava cakes until they stop crying.)

CBC chefs Tizzard and Faita won't be competing. 

(At least they didn't say anything about quitting their day jobs while speaking with CBC Live last week.) 

But they revealed what they would make if they were contestants - and shared some theories on what makes a "Recipe to Riches."

Here are their pointers:
Tizzard's already a fan of Recipe to Riches, which originally aired on the Food Network. If she were going to pitch a recipe, she says it'd be a puff pastry, something that would inspire Loblaws shoppers to create yet another recipe of their own, instead of "a pre-made whatever, like a a lasagna."

"I know good quality puff pastries and things like that are something hard to find in grocery stores," Tizzard says. "I tend not to want to buy things that are already kind of ready-made. I like to make things myself, so [my recipe] would be something along those lines."

Faita's million-dollar recipe - or $250,000 recipe, as the case may be - would be a panzarotti, a.k.a. "a fancy pizza pocket." 

"I have a hard time with pizza pockets done the wrong way," he says. And the key reason other store-bought panzarottis go wrong? It's what's inside that counts. Faita would use "crispier dough," and, most importantly, "fresher stuffing, fresh ingredients - you know, tastier stuffings, that would make them healthy as well."

Like Faita, Tizzard is a major advocate of using fresh ingredients. 

"My only advice, she says, "would be to keep the ingredient list really minimal and to have it as 'from scratch' as possible." 

There's a simple, winning reason for that: "It's how I shop and how I know a lot of my friends shop. They're looking for things that are really healthy options. So, lower calories, less ingredients, less fillers and preservatives," she says. "All that kind of stuff, I think, is important nowadays."

For more on Recipe to Riches, including how to pre-register for the audition tour - and how to submit an entry online - visit the show's website.

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