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Star Studded Green Room Fun


Here at CBC Live we're so happy to have been able to have given you a unique view backstage with last night's Tom Green Room live stream from the Gemini Awards.

It's our job to keep you connected with the stars, and with the green room being the cool place to be, that's where they all were, and that's why we streamed it live for you - the first time it's ever been done at the Geminis, but hopefully not the last! We had Catherine O'Hara, we had Rick Mercer, we had Jason Priestley, Tessa Bonhomme, Jim Cuddy, Dallas Green, Deborah Cox, Hugh Dillon and many many more.

Tom Green was the perfect host, and a massive thank you goes to him for doing such a great job. Thanks go to Kenny Hotz as well for playing such a big part in the show. And of course, thanks to Afrim Pristine and the Cheese Boutique for providing us with $6,000 dollars worth of cheese. No, your eyes are not deceiving you. Six thousand dollars worth. Michael Ironside and Wendy Crewson were definitely enjoying the cheese, let me tell you.

When the live stream and Gemini Awards ceremony drew to a close, all the stars headed back to the Tom Green Room to devour all that cheese, and the party didn't stop until it was gone. Then, it was to the Ritz Carlton hotel just next door for the official afterparty. Everyone was there, including Cover Me Canada's Nicole Appleton and her son Gene. Check out the photos below from Twitter for some of the action.

You can also check out our Facebook galleries - of the Tom Green Room and of the Afterparty.

And you can watch the whole thing again here:

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