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Q&A: Stacey McKenzie on Red Carpet Style


We can't wait for the Genie Awards. Not only are we live streaming the whole ceremony (with backstage action in place of commercials), we're streaming the pre-show party with hosts Sheila McCarthy and Deb McGrath from Little Mosque on the Prairie. Is that all? No! We're streaming live from the Red Carpet with Mr. D's Lauren Hammersley and Canadian supermodel Stacey McKenzie.

Stacey's a style guru in this country - so we asked her for a little preview of Thursday night's show:

Who will you be wearing on the red carpet?

Stacey: From Arthur Mendonca to Lucian Matis, I have such a hard decision to make when it comes to our many talented Canadian designers. So, I've decided to wear ALL of them (I can change in ten seconds I promise!).

Which Canadian designers have you heard will be on show?

Stacey: I've heard that Lucian Matis might be on the show. He would be fun, his accent alone makes a straight woman quiver!

Why is it important to wear Canadian?

Stacey: It's important for us to support our Canadian designers and talents. There are so many talented Canadians who leave Canada and unfortunately don't come back due to the fact that they feel unsupported by their own. We need to change that by acknowledging our own, so that when they do go and make it elsewhere they will always come home and give back.

Who are you most excited to interview on the red carpet?

Stacey: I am EXCITED to interview David Cronenberg (I wonder if I could beg him to cast me in his next film?). I'm also excited to interview Adam Beach (he's so HAWWT! Don't tell my man I said so!). The Sheepdogs look like they would be mad fun too!

Have you got any red carpet style tips for us?


Which (hot) Canadian men are you excited to see?

Stacey: Hot Canadian men I would like to see? Mmm, David Cronenberg (especially if he puts me in one of his movies!) Adam Beach, Rossif Sutherland, Jian Ghomeshi, Zaib Shaikh, The Sheepdogs, Eli Glasner, Adam Azimov and James Cooper.

Note: Adam Azimov and James Cooper are CBC Live's videographers. You can make up your own mind as to whether they are hot, or not...

You can watch Stacey McKenzie and Lauren Hammersley hosting our Red Carpet coverage from 4.30pm (ET) on Thursday, March 8.

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Stacey McKenzie's nails were styled by @TipsNailBar for the I Dream of Genie Media Preview



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