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Recreate the Justin and Selena Winnipeg Date

There have been many stories flying about the web today about Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez's date in Winnipeg this past weekend. Compared to their Staples Center date, it was relatively less expensive so if you're out in Manitoba, or heading there soon, here's how you can enjoy the same experience...


The Forks

Okay, welcome to Winnipeg. First stop, the Forks (left). Justin knows the area well - his dad Jeremy had lived there in the past. He and Selena arrived at around 1:30 p.m. and went for a leisurely stroll. A free celebrity experience that you too can enjoy!

They're said to have been staying at the Inn at the Forks, and a standard two bed night there this time next month would cost around $175.

Dinner and a Movie

Later on that night, it was dinner for two downtown, followed by a movie at Polo Park. Bieber and Gomez took in Hugh Jackman's latest offering, Real Steel. If you want to do the same, it'll be $12.50 a pop. But, we have to warn you - if you want your experience to be authentic, you're going to have to rent out the whole theatre - we'll estimate there were about 300 seats in the screen, and that's a whopping $3,750 (before tax...). Enjoy the trailer for Real Steel below:

Time for Tims

Early on Friday, Justin decided to take Selena to that wonderful Canadian institution, Tim Hortons. You can likely spring for a Double Double (or a speciality tea, if that tickles your fancy).

Puppy Love?

Later in the afternoon the two singing sensations visited an animal rescue centre (awwwwww...) where it's rumoured Miss Gomez picked out a puppy. We wonder how the singer will get it over the border, but it's romantic, so what the hey? Rumour also has it that Mr. Bieber forgot his jacket at the centre, but you're not silly enough to do that, are you?

Take in a Concert

Up next, it was Selena's concert at the MTS Centre that night - which might have gone a little something like what you can see below. Tickets for the concert were priced very reasonably (considering some of the prices we see nowadays) with the most expensive tickets set at $49.50.

Day at the Museum

On to Saturday: the concert went well the night previous and the two decided to check out the Manitoba Museum. CEO of the museum, Claudette Leclerc told CBC News that anyone can book the museum out for a private function, and Bieber did just that. They had a private candlelit dinner on the Nonsuch ship. Leclerc said her staff "did not know who was coming until about 15 minutes prior to their arrival. I had to confiscate their phones. And it was at that time I told them who the guests would be and that we needed to be New York cool." A day at the museum costs $8.50 ($28.50 for a family) or it's free if you're a member.


Next up for the pair, it was a Jets game at the MTS Centre. Justin's no stranger to the MTS Centre, having played there on tour last year and taken in a Manitoba Moose game back in the day with his dad, Jeremy. Unfortunately for you, all the Jets tickets are gone. The waiting list is already capped after the season tickets sold out in just 17 minutes back in June. Regularly, the cheapest ticket for a Jets game would be anywhere from $60, with the most expensive at around $200. If you're desperate though, you can head to eBay where Jets tickets are selling for thousands of dollars. If you simply want the Selena look, a Jets jersey will cost you about $135.

After the game, Justin and Selena were treated to a private skate on the ice at the MTS Centre. We have no idea who'd you'd have to pay or how much you'd have to give them for that privilege. Sometimes fame is priceless.

But for only around $750, you too can enjoy a reasonable facsimile of the Bieber Gomez Winnipeg Date Weekend™.



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