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R. Kelly and Phoenix's Live Mash-up at Coachella (Why Didn't They Say Anything About This on Q?!)

When Phoenix appeared on Q a few weeks back, the French indie-pop heroes talked everything from their new album (Bankrupt!, April 23) to the finer points of appreciating Japanese sake.

They didn't have to say anything about maybe possibly featuring a super-secret special guest at their headlining slot at Coachella.

The Interwebs built that hype for them.

For weeks leading up to this weekend's festival, rumour was the group would be joined by another of France's finest: Daft Punk.

For wishful thinkers, there were a few points that helped keep up the delusion: Daft Punk has a new album, Random Access Memories, on the way; their new Pharrell-featuring single "Get Lucky" is expected to surface sometime April 15; Daft Punk has popped up at Phoenix shows before; Entertainment Weekly even reported that the men behind the robot masks, Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter, were in the California desert for Coachella this weekend, enjoying the festival.

Daft Punk didn't turn up.

(They did, however, air this commercial during the festival.)

But then, good surprises should be, well, surprising.

So here's who really turned up during Phoenix's set Saturday: R. Kelly.

The R&B singer performed what is arguably his best known hit, 2003's "Ignition (Remix)" -- which Phoenix mashed together with one of their own signature songs, "1901"

The L.A. Times called the combination "supremely unlikely." We'll just call it the must-see video of the morning.

Watch it:

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