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Quentin Tarantino on Breaking Down Shooting Django Unchained

CBC News' Deana Sumanac interviewed Quentin Tarantino yesterday about his latest film, Django Unchained, a vengeful tribute to the spaghetti Western that deals with slavery in the deep south. 

Quentin and Deana discussed the film's violence, including a scene where a plantation slave played by Kerry Washington is whipped. Quentin said: 

"I was operating the camera in a lot of that... there was one moment where all of a sudden I couldn't see anything anymore because the tears had come out of my eyes and had filled up the eyepiece. So, I'm shooting truly blind."

"The depth of her pain... just got to all of us while we were shooting, me included."

The scene was shot on a real plantation around the former slaves' quarters. "You could feel the blood on the ground," Quentin said. "You could feel the flesh on the trees. And you felt the spirits kind of watching over, you know, the whole thing."

Watch Deana's interview for more from Quentin on why he thought the violence in Django Unchained was necessary and why it will give audiences a satisfaction that the miniseries Roots couldn't...

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