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Q&A: The CN Tower (Yes, the Actual CN Tower)

Not only is the CN Tower a symbol of Canada's largest city, but it's a symbol of the whole country. Dominating the Toronto skyline, it's the tallest free-standing structure in the Western Hemisphere. If you live in Toronto, it's a big part of everyday life. Wanting to let people get to know "the real" CN Tower, our friend joined the social networking site Twitter and turns out to have quite the sense of humour:

Recently, the CN Tower generously decided to invite people to perilously dangle themselves 1,168ft from the earth on top of the main pod. Of course, Rick Mercer was among the many revellers and CBC News' Jeff Semple was one of the first to check it out. Mere days ago, the final Dorothy's vying to win Over the Rainbow headed up to do the Edge Walk with Daryn Jones.

We had to get in touch to find out what it's like being the centre of attention for so long:

CBC Live: Why did you decide to join Twitter?

The CN Tower: A little bird told me about it. He said it would be a great way for people to get to know "the real me". Also, I just found a great unlocked WiFi connection.

How do you handle the pressure - like George Stroumboulopoulos and Peter Mansbridge - of being on television almost every day?

CN: It's not so bad. I have my dark days, but I'm usually pretty dependable. In my late teens, I almost let all the media attention go to my head - but since then, I've straightened out. Stay in school, kids.

(Also, those guys have charisma, but I have a body that just won't quit.)

We found some baby footage of you! What are your fondest memories of your upbringing?

CN: Ah, yes. It's not every day that someone's birth is celebrated with creepy clowns on stilts and helicopters (lucky me!).

I'd say my fondest memory was when my half-brother, The Sky Dome, was born in '89. We have a great relationship. "Roger" - as he likes to be called now - really opens up to me.

Recently, you've had the top six Dorothys and Daryn Jones from Over the Rainbow enjoy the Edge Walk, how did that feel?

CN: Well, to be honest, I'm still a little peeved that they stole the title of MY reality TV pilot.

And Rick Mercer headed on up with Jann Arden. Tell me about having those two dangling from your pod?

CN: They were probably two of my favourite Edge Walkers! I considered dropping the edge away to see Jann's reaction, but I thought that might be insensitive.

Chuck Norris is the hardest man on earth. He talks about you in this video. Try - try - to put that into words.

CN: To tell you the truth, most of the footage couldn't be used because it was of Dar and Cathy Lee canoodling in my elevator shaft. Dar doesn't hold a candle to William Eustace [Eustace snuck up the CN Tower and parachuted from a crane during construction in 1974]. Eustace's body was 81% adrenaline and 19% screecher shots.

As for Chuck Norris? He uses me to play tetherball against himself in the middle of winter... naked.

A future Oscar winner was also clinging for dear life from the pod that day. Could you tell right there and then Plummer would go on to win an Academy Award?

CN: I knew Mr. Plummer would win the second I felt the strength of his classically trained grip on my pod. Though I never did get his autograph. I'm reminded of this every time I listen to Edelweiss... which is ALL THE TIME.

You've co-starred in a lot of music videos, as noted by CBC Music. Which was your favourite? How did it feel to have Drake (shoot a music video) inside you?

CN: Kardinal's Husslin' is definitely my favourite. Mainly because he used my suggestion of the cutting-edge CGI at 3:12.

As for Drizzy, I was flattered. I'm a HUGE Degrassi fan!

At the age of just 19, you were named one of the modern Seven Wonders of the World alongside the likes of the Golden Gate Bridge and the Empire State Building. If you could swap places with any of the others, which would it be and why?

CN: The "Chunnel". Not that I dislike where I'm at, but a time-share in the ocean would be great after spending so long with my head in the clouds.

Finally, how do you handle getting struck by lightning around 75 times a year?

CN: It's like getting 75 texts from Zeus - SO ANNOYING!

Check out some of our favourite tweets from the @actualCNTower:



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