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PHOTOS: Steven Sabados' Pop Up Gift Wrapping

Gift wrapping. It can be fun. It can be tedious. You're either good at it, or you're terrible at it. I fit into the latter category, but one person that certainly fits into the former is one half of Steven and Chris: Steven Sabados.

Last night (December 18), Steven and some of his team headed to The Bay in downtown Toronto to offer up their services in aid of The Heart and Stroke Foundation. We've got some photos, and we asked Steven to tell us all about it...

Steven Sabados: Last night we were at The Bay, doing custom gift wrapping for The Heart and Stroke Foundation. At this time of year it's always nice to give back to charity, and when they asked us to volunteer our time for gift wrapping we said absolutely. It's right up my alley, as well. I had an absolute blast, and our team came down to support us too! Everyone wrapped up a storm for several hours, it was a lot of fun...

CBC Live: Tell us more about gift wrapping being "right up your alley..."

SS: I come from a long line of gift wrappers...! Years and years ago I used to be a display director and I would wrap literally hundreds and hundreds of gifts for displays in stores. My boss was so rigid about gift wrapping he would go through them and rip apart any box that wasn't wrapped perfectly. I learned to be a little bit... shall we say... particular about how it's wrapped. I even brought a glue gun to the session which was a lot of fun. At the end of the night everyone started stealing it!

Check out the photo gallery below:

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