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Peter Mansbridge Dares You to Get Outside, Canada!

Getting outside feels great: the wind through your hair, the sun on your face. And - science fact! - simply being outdoors helps us be the best we can be.

Shenanigans? No way. Here's a quote from scientist, and Nature of Things host, David Suzuki:

"Science has shown that when we connect to nature, we're smarter, healthier, even more generous."

We'll say it again: Science fact!

And The David Suzuki Foundation is joining with CBC's Live Right Now for a new healthy living initiative launching May 1. It's called Canada's 30x30 Nature Challenge, though you only need 1 reason to join: it'll make you feel great.

And all it takes to participate is this: get active outside for 30 minutes every day for the month of May.

Do it to feel better. Or because your favourite CBC stars happen to be doing it, too.

The National's Peter Mansbridge signed up for the 30/30 Challenge, and in a video message, CBC News' chief correspondent explained how he'll be taking part.

To register for the 30x30 Challenge, you can fill out the form at the David Suzuki Foundation's website. They'll be conducting a survey with Trent University when the challenge wraps, to better determine how getting outdoors impoves our well-being.

Watch the video below to find out how Peter Mansbridge is taking part in the 30x30 Challenge:



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