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Patty's Advice for Kids' CBC Days: Come Hang With Her and Mamma Yamma


It's two days of entertainment and meet-and-greets and crafts and cookie-eating. Or, in the words of Patty Sullivan, it's just "a huge, huge, huge cacophony of new and exciting things." Kids' CBC Days takes over the Toronto Broadcast Centre July 17 - 18, with free activities for little ones (and their parents) running 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

There'll be performances from The Doodlebops and Kids' CBC hosts like Sullivan, Sid and Mamma Yamma. There'll be special storytime readings by Scaredy Squirrel author Melanie Watt and the newest CBC star, Bookaboo -- among many, many others. Best Recipes Ever's Christine Tizzard will be around to help you decorate the Best Cookies Ever, and you can bring your imagination to life by building crafts at Artzooka's "Creative Cove." Plus, everyone in the building will get a chance to star in a new Kids' CBC music video. (Scotty and the Stars, the winner of this year's Great Kids' CBC Viewer Voted Song Search, will be in the building to perform their new tune, and they could use a few hundred video extras like you.)

There's a lot more happening, too, but we could raise a litter of CBC Kids in the time it'd take to share it all. (Best just visit the Kids' CBC website for more info.)

The Kids' CBC Days crowd bops along to The Doodlebops -- Kids' CBC

"It's just crazy. It's such a mixture, and that doesn't even count all the booths that are set up throughout the atrium," Sullivan says. But the part of Kids' CBC Days she looks forward to most every year is the meet-and-greets.

"There's always someone there to meet," she says. Sid and Mamma Yamma will join her at a table, and look for Monster Math Squad's Max, the cast of Ruby Skye PI, Daniel Tiger and the Pan Am Mascot, too. "A lot of new people coming this year, which is really exciting," Sullivan says.

"Sometimes when you're in a studio and you're shooting, it's easy to forget why you're doing this, so meeting the kids and meeting the parents is a great reminder of why we're doing what we're doing," says the Kids' CBC host. "And it also -- it gives us feedback."

That feedback makes a difference, she explains. Sometimes, a conversation she'll have at Kids' CBC Days turns into something you'll see on TV; Sullivan says she did more segments about healthy eating and getting outdoors as a result of chatting with families. "It helps us plan what we're going to do on the show for the next year."

But the main thing about the meet-and-greets is they're a great way to experience the fun of Kids' CBC up close and in real life -- which is what the whole day is about.

"It's just non-stop and it's all free," says Sullivan. That's super. But if it all seems overwhelming -- even with the promise of free stroller parking in the building -- Sullivan offers this tip: you'll enjoy Kids' CBC Day more if you make yourself a schedule.

"I think sometimes people come inside and it's so crowded they think 'Ohmigosh, how are we going to make our way around here? But you can! I would say just plan your day."

With activities happening both inside and outside the building -- rain or shine -- she suggests you can beat the crowds by figuring out where you want to be at any given time.

Get that schedule started by checking out There you'll find a list of what's happening July 17 and 18 for Kids' CBC Days, with more details being added in the days ahead.

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