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Naomi Snieckus's On-the-Go Beauty Secrets

You know her as Bobbi the phys. ed teacher on Mr. D, and in real life Naomi Snieckus keeps active by cycling all over Toronto.

That includes biking to auditions and red-carpet events, which is how CBC Live tracked her down earlier this month. The actress and comedian was walking the red-carpet at Hello! Canada's 50 Most Beautiful Canadians party.

"I wear heels on wheels," Snieckus told CBC Live. "I have to be able to jump off the bike and go into an audition."

And to keep looking lovely and amazing after navigating downtown traffic, she relies on a few essential items.

Check out her 6 on-the-go beauty secrets:


1. L'Oreal Professionnel Ifinium Hairspray

"You want to have hairspray so when you take your bike helmet off you can shove your hair back into order," Snieckus says, and her new favourite product is L'Oreal's Infinium.

"They did my hair for the Canadian Screen Awards, the L'Oreal folks."


"And they gave me this spray that's pretty fantastic, 'cause it holds really well but it doesn't feel crunchy."

2. MAC Studio Finish Concealer

That way, says Snieckus, nobody can "ask you if you're not well or tired."

(Did we mention she's a comedian?)

3. Blush

Whatever brand and shade works for you, ladies. Just use it "so people don't think that you're sick."

4. Vanilla essential oil

As Snieckus says, she's sticks to "the bare essentials," and that applies to fragrance too. "I like essential oils, like vanilla. Here, smell!"

(CBC Live Note: Her wrists are ice cream scented. )

5. Mary Kay moisturizer

"I like a little Mary Kay moisturizer 'cause it reminds me of my mom," Snieckus says. "I know it's sort of old fashioned, but every time I put it on I'm like, 'Yeah, that's my mom.'"

6. Knapsack

We've taken the liberty of selecting a stylish option from the CBC Shop. Just make sure your bag is big enough to fit all your beauty swag. Says Snieckus: "Because I bike around Toronto, I need to have it all in my knapsack."

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