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Murdoch Mysteries Coming to Toronto Fan Expo (Possibly Via Delorean)


If you're trying to find the cast of Murdoch Mysteries this August, here's a clue: try visiting the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

On Saturday, Aug. 24 the show's Yannick Bisson, Helene Joy, Georgina Reilly, Jonny Harris and Thomas Craig will appear at Fan Expo.

It's unclear whether Bisson will pull a Bryan Cranston and roam the halls of sci-fi fans wearing an Inspector Murdoch mask -- though we know he's totally got one. (Please refer to this year's season finale.)

Murdoch Mysteries Murdoch Mask

Still, here's what we do know: Fan Expo visitors can take part in a special Murdoch Mysteries panel discussion that Saturday afternoon, followed by an hour-long autograph session with the stars.

Expect further information on the schedule to become available in the coming weeks. Details on tickets can be found at the Fan Expo website.

And for anyone brave enough to try some Murdoch cosplay all Fan Expo weekend -- brave enough and dedicated enough to cultivate muttonchops'til the end of August -- you'll find inspiration in the related links below. CBC Live has done plenty on the show's imitable style.

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