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Mr. D-cember to Remember Challenge Reveals Season 2 Scene

It's a Mr. D-cember to Remember Mr. D fans! The most awesome teacher at Xavier Academy has gifted you with an exclusive look at a hilarious scene from the brand new Mr. D season, just one month before the big premiere in January on CBC.

Fans were asked to watch the first four episodes of season one of the show (Pilot, 24 Hour Famine, Grade the Teacher, Exam Week), write down all of the students' names Mr. D (Gerry Dee) says out loud in the episodes, email the answers in and guess what? Over 1,000 fans got the answer right! So here you go. Take a look at this never-before-seen clip from season two of Mr. D:

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Want more? Keep a look out on the Mr. D Facebook page for the next challenge and watch all of the episodes from season one on the CBC Player.

Tune into the new season of Mr. D Monday, Jan. 7 at 8 pm on CBC



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