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VIDEO: Mercer, Majumder & Strombo on 30 Years of Just For Laughs

George Stroumboulopoulos hosts Just For Laughs 30th Anniversary: 30/30 Hindsight. -- CBC

Just For Laughs turned 30 this year. "All the greatest comedians to have ever lived have gone to that festival," says Shaun Majumder. The 22 Minutes star, and JFL alum, recently shared his festival memories with CBC Live.

And when you consider the generations of comic talent that have played JFL, the event's 30th anniversary is one for the history books.

Or, failing that, it's at very least worthy of a CBC TV special - one wherein various comics discuss events you could find in an actual history book.

Tuesday, April 23 at 8 p.m./8:30 NT, CBC airs Just For Laughs 30th Anniversary: 30/30 Hindsight, two-hours of comedy from the JFL archives that mixes bits from CBC stars including Majumder, Rick Mercer, Ron James and greats like Louis C.K., Steve Martin, Jon Stewart, Joan Rivers and more, comedians who can be bitter, who can be twisted - and who can offer perspectives on politics and pop culture you won't find on, say, CBC News Now.

Hosted by George Stroumboulopoulos, 30/30 Hindsight features the JFL take on the big issues of the last 30 years: technology, the environment, the economy, human rights. And in all that time, not a lot has changed; the headlines are still hilarious, for one thing.

But if you need a refresher on topics such as Canadian politics in the 1990s, JFL has a 30/30 Hindsight "Cheat Sheet." Visit on the day of the show and the time you would have wasted Wikipedia-ing "Sony Discman" can now be spent laughing at your TV. The site compiles fun facts about each of the special's routines.

Watch a preview of Just For Laughs 30th Anniversary: 30/30 Hindsight below:

And for behind-the-scenes JFL memories from festival alums Rick Mercer and Shaun Majumder, check out CBC Live's interviews:

(Produced by Jamey Ordolis, James Cooper/CBC Live)

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