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Meet the Host of Recipe to Riches, Carlo Rota

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They're still hunting for the great Canadian dish, but Recipe to Riches has found its host. Carlo Rota will join the competition series when it arrives on CBC this winter.

Last seen on CBC starring as Yasir on Little Mosque on the Prairie -- or, if you want to get fussy, he turned up on the network last season, guest starring on Cracked -- Rota's a star with serious kitchen cred.

Food is in his blood, beyond the literal interpretation of the phrase. His father was an international chef, and back in the day, he travelled from coast to coast to coast, sampling our country's finest cuisine for CBC's Great Canadian Food Show.

Maybe those travels will give him some leads on Recipe to Riches's own cross-country trek -- and about that, the show's executive producer tells CBC Live that Rota will join the Open Call tour when it reaches Vancouver and Toronto.

Not every TV personality can meet the challenge of taking on Recipe to Riches.

Still, CBC Live talked with a few CBC stars about the new reality series -- and found out what they'd make to win the show's $250,000 prize.

What would stars like Yannick Bisson, Helene Joy and Graham Wardle pitch if they were up for a Recipe to Riches audition? Find out in the video below:

(Produced by Craig Cooper, Jamey Ordolis/CBC Live)

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