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Meet CBC Searchlight Winners Sherman Downey and the Ambiguous Case

-- CBC Music

Canada, it's time you met CBC Music listeners' favourite band.

Sherman Downey and the Ambiguous Case is the winner of CBC's Searchlight competition.

A folk-rock troupe from Corner Brook, Nfld, their five-man membership makes up a significant percentage of their hometwon population, and between them, they've left some 3,000 other Searchlight acts in the dust.  

And to this winner goes the following spoils: spots at Toronto's CBC Music Festival and Antigonish, Nova Scotia's Evolve Music Festival plus $20,000 in gear courtesy Yamaha Canada Music.

But let's not forget the best prize: the bragging rights.

Because when you're voted "Canada's Best New Musical Act," you also win a trip to Toronto - so you can be feted on CBC with CBC Music video session and a feature interview on CBC's Q.

(Listen for the band's coming conversation with Jian Ghomeshi Friday, April 12.)

Before that interview airs, here's how you can better acqaint yourself with 2013's Searchlight winner. Everything you need to know can be found at CBC Music.

Listen to Sherman Downey and the Ambiguous Case' current album, Honey For Bees, on the site.

Watch CBC Concerts on Demand footage of the band playing Honey For Bees tracks including "Falling Backwards," "The Right Idea" and "Church Mouse."

And get to know these musicians - from dreadlocks to toe - with CBC Music features, including this brand new profile of the group.

The act might be new to you, but band leader Sherman Downey, a former high-school teacher, has dedicated the last four years to making it as a musician.

As their manager, Great Big Sea's Bob Hallett, says in that aforementioned piece, the Searchlight contest proved the journey has been worth it.

"Searchlight has proven to them that they are capable of doing this," Hallett told CBC Music. "When you live in a small place far from the machines of the music business, it's very hard to see how you get from there on to the stage of the Junos. My own band suffered from that sort of inferiority complex when we started. The reality is, it's not that far. You just gotta be better than everybody else. And I think Sherman Downey and the Ambiguous Case are better than everybody else."

For more on the Searchlight competition, visit

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