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Marcy Hinzmann and Mike Krushelynski on Being 'Iced' from Battle and Who They Think Will Win


"I'm still angry now," Mike Krushelnyski told us this morning during his exit interview tour, after he and partner Marcy Hinzmann became the first pair to be "iced" from Battle of the Blades last night.

He wasn't mad at the judges - though Marcy pointed out that Kurt Browning is the toughest so far - but a guy who's played over 800 NHL games and won three Stanley Cups as a player (plus one as an assistant coach) is bound to be tough on himself.

He wasn't too easy on his body either, as we saw from the battle wounds he shared on Twitter during training..

But in terms of career experiences, Mike said doing Battle was "right up there". 

Who would they place their bets on now? Marcy's picks to win are Marie-France Dubreuil and Mathieu Dandenault but Mike's calling Scott Thornton and Amanda Evora

Here's are Marcy and Mike in our CBC Live studio with more on their experience:



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