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LISTEN: Jian Ghomeshi Addresses the "Is the CBC in Crisis?" Debate


"Sitting within the insides of a public broadcaster is never without its drama. It comes with the territory," said Jian Ghomeshi, as he opened today's episode of Q with an essay on the so-called "crisis" at the CBC.

On the heels of a renewed period of speculation and fear mongering regarding the future of the CBC, he suggests: don't believe the hype. 

Instead, take it from someone on the inside: "Beyond the decisions, the detractors and the devotees, the people right here in this building and in offices all over this country are committed individuals who believe in bringing stories to Canadians, satiating curiosities, reflecting our culture, trying to be informative, engaging, entertaining - public broadcasting."


"If you want to support the CBC, get out there and talk about the content, the record audiences, the programs you like," he urges. 

You can start by talking about this: LISTEN TO THE FULL ESSAY 



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