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Lauren Hammersley's TIFF Tip Sheet

Lauren Hammersley carries three things with her at all times during TIFF: 1) phone; 2) lipstick (MAC); 3) taser.

Sept. 5 - 13, CBC Live @ TIFF will be the place to talk about festival happenings. (Watch the show daily at 12:30 p.m., in person at the CBC Toronto Broadcast Centre or livestreamed on CBC Live.) Discussions, which will feature festival stars and CBC personalities, will give you a 360-degree look at the festival. And in our "TIFF Tip Sheet" series, we're talking to people who experience the festival from all sorts of angles. 

Mr. D might film in Halifax, but the show's Lauren Hammersley calls Toronto home, so when TIFF dominates the downtown, she's right in the middle of it -- attending parties and Midnight Madness screenings, or just developing intriguing, and possibly illegal, ways of beating the crowds. (That's why her top TIFF essential is a taser, right?) And Thursday, she'll present an award at a TIFF event, the Playback gala at C Lounge.

Check out her take on the festival experience in our TIFF Tip Sheet Questionnaire.

Describe a Typical TIFF in 7 Words or Less.
Does this outfit make me look stupid?

What movie do you most want to see this year?
I enjoy most genres, but love horror & thriller films - I'd also like to check out some short films.  There's something to be said for telling a beautiful story in such a short format.  

How would you describe your TIFF style?
If the feet are hurting, it's probably working

What are the 3 most essential items in your wardrobe come TIFF? 
Why? Should I have three essential items? Oh god. I'm so unprepared!

How about what's in your bag: What 3 things do you carry with you everywhere during the festival?
My phone, my lipstick and a taser. 

So many people come to TIFF to network. What's the best way to break the ice at an event?

Be yourself. Unless you're a douche... then be someone else. (Also, people who are anywhere strictly to network are often transparent and irritating.)

When it comes to TIFF party etiquette, what's a definite DO. What's a definite DON'T?

It's just like any party: 

DO: Hold pleasant conversation and know when to step away.

DON'T:  Pin people in a corner talking their ear off or try to make out with Piers Handling.

What's your favourite TIFF celebrity encounter?

Strombo: He's interviewed so many people it's like meeting every interesting person on the planet by-proxy.

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