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Mamma Yamma Launches Her Own Video Blog


Get ready for more of your favourite CBC funny lady - the one and only Mamma Yamma has launched her new web video blog, Mamma's Musings. Mamma will use the video blog to share anything and everything she likes with you!

We asked Ms. Yamma a few questions about her new endeavour...

CBC Live: Tell us about the format and what fans can expect from your new video blog

Mamma Yamma: The format is kinda: "Dear Abby meets The Muppet Show meets Rock n' Roll meets 1990's Oprah in the big city and decides to learn and share much as possible."

This video blog is all about how I see the world. The way I work best is being on the fly. I never know what is going to come next. The only thing I really know about this video blog is that I know it will be fun. I know there will be dancing. I know there will be hugging celebrities. I know there will be shopping montages. I know I will probably be wearing the same dress. And cheese. There will for sure be cheese. Who knows what will happen next time? Not me. Stay tuned!

Where and when can your new video blog be seen?

MY: A new post can been seen every 14 days, (every other week!) on Kids' CBC's YouTube Channel, Twitter and the entire interwebs - but most importantly, it can be seen on our brand new Kids' CBC Parents Site! Feel free to follow me on Twitter too!

What is the most fun thing about video blogging?

MY: That's easy. The most fun thing about video blogging is that I can make a post on the fly, anywhere, at anytime, all on my own, about anything I find interesting in anyway, and then share it with the ENTRIE KOOKOOBINGBONG UNIVERSE.

I could be just sitting there, in fuzzy pyjamas eating a grape, and suddenly get an idea for a post and instantly be sitting in front of my camera at 11:30 at night. I also like that I can stop and start recording again if a bug flies into my mouth. And look, I know I exposed the George Stroumboulopoulos shrine that's inside my house, but gimme a break. The man is a prince. It's not like I eat dinner with the photos or anything. (OK maybe once but it was my birthday and the photos love my lasagne.)

Take a look at the debut of Mamma's Musings, where she share her five tips for keeping your home beautiful and shows off that borderline obsession with Strombo...



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