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Kevin Weekes Talks IHaveNo5Hole Apparel

Hockey Night In Canada broadcaster Kevin Weekes has plenty to keep him busy during the lockout. The former NHL goaltender has launched a new venture in his career by combining his two loves; goaltending and fashion. The end result - IHaveNo5Hole Apparel.


Recently, Kevin and IHaveNo5Hole surprised two men's league teams and hooked them up NHL style. Check out the video:

We spoke to Kevin to find out more about his passion for fashion and his clothing line...

CBC Live: What sparked your interest in fashion?

Kevin Weekes: I've always been interested in fashion since I was young. My older cousin who I looked up to was a fashion guy and my parents dressed me in three piece Italian suits for church weddings since I was a kid.

How did you decided upon IHaveNo5Hole?

KW: IHaveNo5Hole was a natural and catchy name having been a former NHL goalie and playing the position for 28 years. It's the one place goalies don't like getting scored on and as people, we all have some part of us that's vulnerable. So it's both real and a play on words.

What makes your line special/different amongst your competitors?

KW: We live what are customers live. From being at practice to games, being in arenas or other fields of play. Our company's three pillars: Goalie, Hockey/Sport and Lifestyle, are as much what we do as who we are. Although we're rooted in these pillars, there's a universality to our products so that the athlete, fashion lover, parent or any member of the family can wear one of our pieces. We're about the experience not the transaction. As happy as we are making products for the Superbowl Champion NY Giants, we're about grassroots sport to adult rec levels.

What did you find to be the most surprising challenge while developing your clothing line?

KW: As much control as you have in crafting your brand,you're still somewhat at the mercy of your suppliers and shipping companies.

What about IHaveNo5Hole are you most proud?

KW: One of the things we're most proud of is at this point, we're a 100% Canadian company- based here, designed locally, products are manufactured here. so we're supporting and investing in our country but quite pleased to be selling our product here and internationally as well.

Do you have any plans on expanding the line?

KW: We believe in crawling, walking, running to learn as we go, but we started with our original T-shirt with literally only two samples. At present, we have four T-shirt styles and we'll be releasing our hoodies for both men and women along with some headwear and perhaps jerseys. Our team program is now available for customized products for your team, group or company and no, you don't have to be the Superbowl Champion NY Giants to be our customers in this space ;)

To get your hands on the gear, head to the IHaveNo5Hole online store.


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