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Is @HulkStuMcLean the Best Thing on Twitter Right Now?

Think of someone you wish was on Twitter. I can think of two straight off the bat, and they're both M(a)cLeans. Ron and Stuart, two great Canadian story tellers that are huge parts of the CBC. One with Hockey Night in Canada and the other with The Vinyl Cafe.

When someone in the public eye doesn't have a Twitter account, it's quite possible they will have a parody account. Recently, there have been some very funny ones like @Queen_UK, who's still going strong. Now, we've discovered our new favourite. Let us introduce to you, @HulkStuMcLean:

Stuart McLean is the host of CBC Radio's The Vinyl Cafe. During each show, Stuart will recount essays, stories and play some tunes. The stories are often funny and often "wistfully nostalgic." If you're a regular listener, you'll know of Dave and Morley who certainly play a big part in the tweets we've seen so far.

Stuart's hilarious Hulk counterpart is racking up the followers as the hours go by. We think you should click that button too. To whet your appetite, check out our favourite tweets of his, starting with his first ever:

In terms of reaction, we heard of Stuart McLean's through his friend Leah McLaren:

CBC Radio 2 Mornings host Tom Power is a fan, and respect to him for the tip-off:

We asked Hulk Stuart McLean for a comment.



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