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The Hunger Games: Complete Look at Trailers and Photos

In the build up to the March 28 release, a new trailer has arrived online for The Hunger Games - which you can watch above - revealing a lot more of some of the supporting characters, including Stanley Tucci and Elizabeth Banks. Unfortunately, there's a touch less to be seen of Donald Sutherland, Lenny Kravitz and Woody Harrelson than in the previous trailer, but just as much Jennifer Lawrence. 

Here at CBC Live, we're very, very excited about the adaptation of Suzanne Collins' series of books. According to her director, Gary Ross, Lawrence deserves an Oscar nomination next year, and we have high hopes for her. She was named one of our It Girls for 2012. We're looking forward to hearing the soundtrack too, which will feature new music from Arcade Fire, with a track called Horn of Plenty.

As excited as us? If you need any more persuading, have a look at some stills, nine (yes, nine) of the posters, and the original trailer:





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