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How to Talk to Russell Peters and Tom Green During the Geminis


We can't wait to see what happens when Russell Peters and Tom Green take over the CBC this week to host the 26th Annual Gemini Awards and the backstage live stream companion show, The Tom Green Room, right here on the CBC Live site.  

One thing is for certain - we're going to keep you totally connected to both of them in the coming days and throughout the broadcast. Here's how to follow the action...

How to Watch

The Gemini Awards are on at 8 p.m. on CBC TV everywhere. That means 8 p.m. for you, whatever time zone you live in.

We'll be live streaming from The Tom Green Room while the Gemini Awards are happening live at 7 p.m. Eastern Time here in Toronto. That means East Coast, you'll be watching everything as it happens and the rest of us can watch the Live Stream in advance of the broadcast. If you really want to wait and watch both at the same time, The Tom Green Room will also be available on demand aftewards, but if you want to participate in the online conversation you should watch and tweet while it's happening live.

Who to Follow on Twitter

@CBC Live - That's us. We'll be with Tom and Russell and all the Gemini Awards presenters, nominees and musical acts, tweeting the behind the scenes goods from the rehearsals all the way to the afterparty. So, let us know who or what you want to see, what you want us to ask everyone and keep an eye out for some surprise giveaways, including Geminis tickets, on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

@TomGreenLive - That's Tom's handle and he's admittedly "addicted to Twitter". He wants you to join his green room party conversations with all the other Gemini Awards celebs. 

These are Tom's instructions to you:

"I'm gonna be keeping my Twitter page open and I'm gonna be reading questions from people live and presenting them to our Gemini Award winners and participants. People are gonna be able to tweet us live as we're on the air.... and I also want people at home to be eating cheese with us. People should go get cheese before they sit down so that we can feel like we're all in the same room together, eating cheese together... Man, we're gonna eat cheese. We're gonna eat a lot of cheese."

Yes, cheese. Or #cheese, rather. Tom's insisted his green room be filled with assorted cheeses of all kinds - an idea that actually originated from the suggestion of a fan on Twitter when we first announced the show. So, tweet and ye shall receive.

@TheRealRussellP: That's the Twitter handle of Gemini Awards broadcast host, Russell Peters. He's going to need your help to remind him to tweet. "My problem is I always remember to tweet afterwards like, 'Shiiiit, I should have twittered about that.'" So, tweet him or us and we'll make sure he stays on it.

The Hashtags to Use


Russel and Tom on Working Together

They're stoked! "He's awesome," Tom said of Russell. "We've had a good time getting to know each other over the last couple of years. He came and did my web show in L.A. and I've been touring doing stand up for the last few years so I've seen him up at Just for Laughs and I'm excited to be working with him. It's cool."

Russell said, "Tom's a good friend of mine, so that's really cool... he's just really, genuinely a nice guy, you know? And it's good to see him come back home."

Remember, you're a part of this too, so stay connected and let's have some fun.


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