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Go Inside the News with Peter Mansbridge's New Blog


Have you ever wondered what it's like to be the Chief Correspondent for CBC News? The longest serving of the 'big three' anchors in Canada? Peter Mansbridge is just that. As he reveals in his new (more personal) blog, Inside the News, the "notion of being a 'star' or even worse a 'celebrity' makes (him) cringe," but when you see him walking down the street or even through the CBC building, you stop and think to yourself, "Peter freakin' Mansbridge!"

Not only can you find out more about the man himself, but it's an exclusive look behind the scenes. Whether in the news studio or out in the field, there are photos, videos and much more. There are even videos shot by Peter himself, like when he was on a helicopter with the Coast Guard.

Since Peter Mansbridge signed up for Twitter, we've been getting a little bit more of an insight into how things work on The National, but now, we're sure to get even more of an insight.

Listen to playlists inspired by Peter's travels, check out articles Peter recommends and find out what happens when things go wrong. For example, why did John Baird cancel an interview - that Peter had flown to Ottawa for  - merely an hour before it was due to tape?

Check out the new site, Inside the News with Peter Mansbridge, and have a look at their photo gallery below:



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