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Gimme Montage! Watch Hockey Night's Stanley Cup Highlights

Throw that sweaty jersey in the laundry, sweep the layer of Dorito crumbs off your rec-room floor and shear off that playoff beard, the Stanley Cup finals are over. The Chicago Blackhawks bested the Boston Bruins Monday night.

But maybe you're not ready for the end of hockey season. Maybe you need a few more days to reflect on the magic of the game - and digest months of pub food and team pitchers. If that's case, CBC Sports is here to help you wallow in nostalgia.

They've taken the most stunning highlights of the 2013 Stanley Cup playoffs and made you a montage.

And for some extra drama, every goal and save and slow-mo shot of a beard glistening with sweat has been punctuated by that Rolling Stones classic "Gimme Shelter."

Watch it below:

For hockey news and analysis, find everything you need at CBC Sports.

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