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Gerry Dee to Host Canada's Smartest Person


Who will be crowned Canada's Smartest Person? Find out on March 18th at 8pm (8.30 NT)

Canada's Smartest Person is a groundbreaking two hour television special that will redefine what it means to be smart. If you think you need to be a geek to be on the show, think again. Check this out for the six main areas of intelligence; logic smarts, visual smarts, physical smarts, language smarts, musical smarts and social smarts. The latest research shows there's more to intelligence than having a high IQ.

Canada's Smartest Person will air on CBC Television March 18th at 8pm (8.30 NT) and your host will be the award winning comedian and star of CBC's Mr. D - Gerry Dee. There will be special appearances from the likes of Arlene Dickinson, Sean Cullen, Matt Baram and Gerry's Mr. D co-star Naomi Sniekus.

Nominated by you last year, the show will feature Hamilton Tiger Cats offensive linesman, Peter Dyskowski; high school science teacher, Dr. Marshall Carroll; 23-year-old student and gamer, Laura Suen; and spoken word poet, Greg Frankson participating in a series of challenges to test the six areas of the Theory of Multiple Intelligences. The person who proves that they have the most versatile smarts will earn the title of Canada's Smartest Person.

On the night, you'll be able to play along during the broadcast online or on your iPad or iPhone. The app will be released in early March. For now, you can head to Facebook to take the How Are You Smart test - that's not how smart are you, rather how you are smart - in preparation...




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